About Lake Winni Music Camp

Registration for the 2018 Camp Season is now open!

Week One: Sunday July 22 to Saturday July 28, 2018
Week Two: Sunday August 5 to Saturday August 11, 2018

The Lake Winni Overnight Music Camp is an overnight music and recreational camp for kids age 10-18 that takes place at the Geneva Point Center, a 200-acre private campground on Lake Winnipesaukee in Moultonborough, NH. The New Hampshire Independent School of Music is proud to offer this non-competitive Music Camp for young people.

This camp is structured for the beginner to advanced musician. Musical activities are conducted each day from 9am to 2pm. After 2pm, students are free to participate in recreational activities such as canoeing/kayaking, campfires, swimming, field games, and much more on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. All recreational activities are supervised by the camp Counselors. Counselors are young Adult musicians that have been through the camp program for many years and are well-versed with all aspects of the program.

Read, "A Mom's Take on Lake Winni Music Camp", to get some perspective from the parent of one of the campers.

Classes, Activities and Concerts

All students are broken up into various ensemble groups based on their musical tastes and experience. Ensembles include Baroque Orchestra, Jazz Band, Piano Duets, Funk/Fusion ensemble, Rock band, Punk band, various jam bands, Chamber Groups, String Orchestra, Vocal groups, Blues Band, Gypsy Jazz ensembles, Baroque Saxophone group, Wind Symphony, etc. There are also electives such as Improvisational Workshop, Beginner Drum Class, and Intensive Beginner Music Theory. Students can also elect to learn a new instrument such as voice, piano, violin, or guitar.

Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 2:00pm. There are four classes in the morning, lunch, and then a fifth class. Students then regroup at the cabins to go to the beach, play field games, hike, or participate in other recreational activities. Practice time is scheduled before dinner, and there is plenty of free time for students that just want to get together and rehearse or improvise. Each night there is a different group activity such as Open Mic Night, Movie Night, Night Hike.

The concert is on Saturday from NOON to 2:30pm with an intermission. Check-out is directly after this concert.


Our goal is to help young musicians connect with each other. As a result, we work hard every year to keep tuition costs as low as possible. For the 2018 Camp year, tuition will be set at $795.00 per week. This includes food, lodging, instructions, music - everything.

How do I register?

Tuition for each week is now $795. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards, but we do accept Paypal payments. If you want to pay via Paypal, please email Noelle Beaudin. If you have any questions about this, or are interested in how you can donate to our organization to help offset the cost for low-income students, please contact Noelle on 603 284-6550.

Print out and fill out the Registration form and mail it with a deposit check of $200 (for each week) to the contact address on the Registration form. Because of the immense popularity of this camp, we have now added another week. Students can sign up to come to camp for the one week or both. If you have any questions about the registration process, please call or email Noelle.

  • Registration—Download, print, and complete this form and mail it back to us with deposit.
  • The Camp Brochure—Read more information about the camp.
  • 2017 Lake Winni Music Class Choices—This document is the class selection for the 2017 Camps. You can take a look at the classes now and when the online class registration option becomes available over Memorial Day weekend you can then pick your classes. All new students must speak with Noelle before picking out their classes.

Refund Policy

Deposits are non-refundable 24 weeks prior to the camp date. Full Tuition can not be refunded less than 10 weeks prior to the camp date. We do not accept credit cards because we are a very small non-profit.

Health Forms

Geneva Point Center has its own Nurse and health care staff. It is important that you fill out all health care paperwork located here and BRING THE FORMS WITH YOU TO CHECK-IN. Do not mail the forms to Noelle, she will not bring them to check-in for you.

Facebook and YouTube

If you're interested in seeing videos of our camp on YouTube and keeping in touch with us on Facebook, please do! We try to post as many videos of the camp concerts as possible. Our students are in Symphony, A Capella groups, Rock Bands, Fusion ensembles, String Quartets, Clarinet Choirs, Wind Ensembles....so much to choose from.

Rules on Visiting Alumni

Our camp has been going strong for over 10 years. Some old Alums like to visit now and again to see how things are going. If you plan on visiting, please visit only during the Saturday morning concert that is open to the public. No other visiting times are allowed unless cleared by Noelle.


All facilities are run by Geneva Point Center. We simply rent the campground space from GPC. To get a better idea of the accommodations and the campground space and facilities, please visit Geneva Point Center's website. The Music Camp always uses the Barn, Siftar, Chapel and Pine Haven for music classes and concerts. Our cabins are at Geneva Woods and our meals are at the Inn. The map below also gives a great idea of the layout of the campus on Lake Winnipesaukee.

There are 6 cabins for students and 1 cabin for counselors. Three cabins to the left of the Counselor cabin are the girls cabins, with 8 bunks in a cabin; three cabins to the right of the Counselor cabin are the boys, with 8 bunks each. For the younger cabin (age 10-12), and Intern has a bunk. The cabins are very comfortable, but rustic. There is no air conditioning, but there are power outlets for fans which GPC supplies us with if it gets too hot. The location of the cabins in the Geneva Woods location makes it very cool in the evenings, there is also a shortcut trail to the main campus and a footpath to the lake. There is also a main Program lodge and bath houses located on our site. The Program lodge is a large screened in lodge where the students like to hang out and after hours. The bath houses have full showers with hot water. We also have out own fire pit for campfires.

Geneva Point Center

The camp is held at Geneva Point Center. A beautiful 200-acre private campground on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Map of the Campground

Our classes are held in The Chapel Building, The Barn, Pine Haven, and Siftar Cottage. Dining is at the Inn. There is a camp store for snacks and other items. Our campsite is Geneva Woods Cabins, and the Geneva Woods Program Lodges are where night-time activities occur.

Camp Forms


Check-in is between 3:00pm-5:00pm on Sunday at Geneva Point Center in the Chapel Building.

Check-out is directly after the Saturday NOON concert around 2:30pm.