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420 Holderness Road
Sandwich, NH 03227

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Lake Winni Music Camp 2019 Date

Week One:

July Jul 26-Aug 1, 2020

Week Two:

August August 9—15, 2020


A Mom's Take on Lake Winni Music Camp

Lake Winni Music Camp Testimonials

"Three summers ago, on the brink of summer vacation and school letting out in a week, my daughter approached me to say she changed her mind on attending "that music camp". Lucky for us there was one slot open! I had done all the research and didn't want her first overnight music camp experience to be staying in a college dorm. I was on the hunt for a quality music camp that provided top notch musical instruction, but at the same time was in a "campy" setting with cabins, a beautiful lakefront for swimming every day, the quintessential New England summer camp experience.

Lake Winni Music Camp is all of this and so much more. My daughter is in love with her Bari Saxophone and has attended this camp for 3 summers. One summer she even attended both sessions. Campers choose the classes they want to take from a wide variety of choices. You name it, classical, jazz, rock, funk-fusion, New Orleans Street Jazz, and improv classes are just few of the choices. The teachers are excellent, and they put their heart and soul into the full week of music instruction.

The camp counselors are wonderful. My daughter has a lasting friendship with these folks, keeps in touch with them all year and looks forward to seeing them every summer. The talent these college students bring to Lake Winni Music Camp is amazing and they enjoy their time making music right alongside even the youngest campers. She looks forward to the nightly camp fires, games, cabin contests and the annual talent show.

The camp is set on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee, with rustic yet comfortable cabins with full shower and bathrooms nearby. Meals are served in this charming old inn that is set at the top of the property with a fantastic view of the lake. There is a full-time nurse that lives on the property and is available anytime day or night to assist any emergencies that may arise.

I look forward to the Saturday final concert with much excitement and anticipation. Every year leaves me more impressed than the year before. These kids are learning music, technique and stretching their abilities so far in just one week, it is mind blowing. The campers do not get any music before arriving at camp which make this final concert all that more impressive. I love that the central driving philosophy of this camp is all about the "ensemble" and having to use empathy, listening skills and patience to become a better musician taking part in an ensemble. This central philosophy is very evident in the caliber of music that is performed at the final concert. The respect the campers show one another is remarkable.

We took a leap of faith three years ago and never looked back. Lake Winni Music Camp has provided everything we have looked for in a music camp. My daughter has formed tight, lasting friendships with campers as well as the staff. She looks forward to the time when she too can one day pay it forward to younger music campers and show them what Lake Winni Music Camp is all about."

Lake Winni Music Camp Testimonials

"Alex had such great fun! Several of the kids have gotten together since then for parties. You should be proud of what you are doing for these kids, and the larger community!"

"Just wanted to let you know that Simon and Tabi really enjoyed the camp. We were a little anxious when we left since it seemed like everyone already knew each other but Tabi liked the girls she met and Simon had the time of his life. He already has the next 11 summers planned out!"

"Russell really enjoyed his week at camp. The first thing he asked when he got in the car was if he could go to both weeks next year - so he must have really loved it."

"....had a great time at camp - she is exactly the kid your were talking about at the concert - exploring music for really the first time seriously so your camp was a great experience for her. She felt equal and a part of the camp despite her novice music skills."

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