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420 Holderness Road
Sandwich, NH 03227

(603) 284-6550

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Lake Winni Music Camp 2020 Dates

Week One:

July July 26-Aug 1, 2020

Week Two:

August August 9—15, 2020

What to Bring to Camp

Here is a recommended list of items to bring to camp. All clothes and other items should be labeled and a list of items should be taped to the inside top of the camper's trunk or suitcase. Bring enough clothes for the length of the session. Comfortable play clothes rather than expensive casual wear are preferred. Please talk with your child about taking care of and keeping up with belongings. Every effort will be made to help campers keep up with their belongings and find lost items, but the camp cannot be responsible for lost items.

If you do lose an item, please contact the front office at Geneva Point Center directly. They keep all items in Lost and Found, Noelle does not.

  • A blanket or sleeping bag.
  • 2 Sheets and Pillow (unless camper will use sleeping bag exclusively).
  • Raincoat/Jacket/Sweater
  • T-Shirts and Shorts
  • Jeans (long pants of blue jean, corduroy, or other strong fabric - it can get cold in New Hampshire).
  • Shoes (at least 2 pair) and socks. Shoes are required at all times at camp. One pair of sturdy leather (hiking type), at least one pair of tennis/athletic shoes, and one pair of water sandals (flip-flops) is recommended.
  • Swimsuits. At least two swimsuits are recommended. Campers are not allowed to wear swimsuits except at swimming activities.
  • Pajamas
  • Towels/bath cloths
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.)
  • Flashlight/batteries
  • Appropriate reading materials
  • Recreational games and equipment (frisbee, soccer ball, cards, etc.)
  • Stationery and Stamps
  • Your instrument (please make sure you label your instrument case):
    • For guitarists/bassists: if you have a practice amp you can bring it.
    • String players: extra strings and rosin, a hard case would be best.
    • Pianists: If you WANT to bring a portable keyboard that is fine, but you do not need to.
    • DRUMMERS: Tim Gilmore has asked that you bring a compact set (e.g. snare, bass drum, hi-hat, 1 or 2 cymbals & tom(s)).
    • EVERYONE: Please bring your music stand!

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